How You Can Help

This project is too important to not become a reality. To make this project viable we are looking for community support.

We see it as a community project that will enhance the quality of life for the entire city. Restoring Phenix Hall is important because it is not only the preservation of a building on the National Register of Historic Buildings, but also the preservation of a Concord institution.

Establishing Phenix Hall as a vibrant music venue and function hall will add significantly to the city’s nightlife and music scene. It will provide a unique historical venue for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. A vibrant nightlife will be an important catalyst for economic development, helping the city attract new businesses and make Concord more attractive to everyone, and especially millennials.

Where the project stands currently:

  • Construction plans and documents, by SMP Architecture for bidding, are near completion.
  • Renderings and drawings for the Phenix Hall are available.
    There have been many and still ongoing meetings with Concord officials.
  • The plans are currently out for bid to provide accurate budget estimates.
  • We are looking to break ground for construction in October of 2019.

If you are as excited about a revitalized Phenix Hall as we are, please contact us to discuss how you can be involved. We can arrange a personal tour of the beautiful hall, an opportunity to view the architectural plans and renderings, and to feel the amazing potential of this beautiful downtown institution for yourself.

We need you to be involved with your ideas, and your passion. If you know of anyone that may share the same interest in preserving history and revitalizing a beautiful treasure, and adding to the quality of life in Concord, then please get involved! We want to break ground this fall, but we need community-minded people and companies to join us in this important effort!

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Thank you,

Mark Ciborowski
Ciborowski Associates

The Phenix Block

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