Our Experience

Postcard of Main Street Looking North 1960s

I came to Concord in 1978 to help my grandfather after he was in an automobile accident.  It was always his desire for me to come to Concord to work with him in real estate.  I guess he thought if it took him getting into an automobile accident to get me here, then so be it.   In the forty years I have lived in Concord I have restored and preserved many of my family’s downtown properties with most renovation projects involving substantial interior renovations.   Over the years I have built upon what my grandfather started and have taken great pride in maintaining the architecture and character of each building

Some of the more prominent buildings renovated include the following:

Main Street Buildings

Woodward's Block

Woodward’s Block at 70-74 North Main Street whose ground floor tenants include Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and Things Are Cooking.

Statesman Building

The Statesman Building at 16-20 North Main Street whose ground floor tenants are The Capitol Craftsman, Romance Jewelers, and Caring Gifts.

Ciborowski Associates Experience

My grandfather, Jacob Ciborowski, started coming to Concord in 1964 as a newly elected member of the NH House of Representatives from Rye, NH.  As a Polish immigrant who came to this country alone at the age of 16, he was a self-made man in every sense of the word.  During his work in the NH House of Representatives, he fell in love with Concord and started investing in buildings on Concord’s Main Street.  Phenix Hall was a building he was especially fond of and would be excited beyond words to see the current plans for this historic building. 

Sheraton Building

The Sheraton Building at 114-120 North Main Street which is occupied by Liberty Utilities on the ground floor.

Chase Block

The Chase Block at 11-19 North Main Street whose ground floor tenants are Gondwana and the Viking House.

Stickney Block

The Stickney Block at 122-132 North Main Street whose ground floor tenants include The Crust and Crumb, and the Barley House.

The Phenix Block

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