A Note from mark

I have had a vision of a renovated and revitalized Phenix Hall for many years. The recently completed Main Street improvements now allow the space for an addition to Phenix Hall, providing the required egress and lobbies.  With the current renaissance of Main Street now is the time for the rebirth of Phenix Hall. 

Together with my talented staff, we take great pride in the quality of the renovations to our buildings. As steward of Phenix Hall, I feel a sense of obligation to bring it back as a vibrant part of the Concord community.  To be assured that an outstanding renovation to Phenix Hall and the subsequent operation is done in a way that will maximize the community benefit and preserve its historical significance, it became clear to me that I needed to maintain control of both to be sure I achieve that goal.

I am very passionate about doing something amazing with Phenix Hall for the benefit of the entire community. Phenix Hall is a heritage site and deserves to rise to a level of prominence once again. The possibilities are endless! Together with the many other venues in Concord, we could host an NXNE (North by Northeast) music festival similar to the SXSW festival that Austin, Texas is famous for.  Another goal is to host a presidential primary debate, broadcast nationally, live from Phenix Hall!  Imagine political speeches and debates in the same hall where Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt both spoke. What candidate wouldn’t want to add their appearance to the illustrious history of Phenix Hall.

The combined positive benefits from an economic development perspective, a historic preservation perspective and an arts and entertainment perspective will be transformative for our community.  The rebirth of Phenix Hall holds too much promise to not become a reality!  I hope you feel the same way and want to be a part of making it happen!


Mark Ciborowski

The Phenix Block

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