Paul and Linda Provost


Phenix Hall Testimonial – Paul and Linda Provost


We have lived in Concord for seventeen years and we raised our two daughters here.  The Main Street project was a really great development, adding more vibrancy to our friendly and welcoming community.  Concord has always been the quintessential place to raise a family.  With the Phenix Hall project, we will add a venue perfect for shows, parties, political events and gatherings of all types.


We will put the promissory note, lent to the Phenix Hall project, inside of our IRAs.  In today’s low-interest rate environment we think that accepting a slightly below market rate from Phenix Hall, in a very safe and secure loan, will be repaid a thousand-fold with the benefit of having an active Phenix Hall again a part of our community.  We will not miss the small amount of interest forgone but will always remember the joys of a more vibrant downtown.


Paul and Linda Provost

The Phenix Block

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