Christopher Brown

Dear Mark:


I am pleased and excited to hear about The Phenix Hall Project. My family's legacy has a

strong connection to Concord, not only for our business home; there is also a tremendous

interest in honoring the state and city history and preserving the city for future generations.


A revitalized and functional Phenix Hall will become another key center point in the

continued revitalization and beautification of the Concord Downtown Landscape. This site

will not only house functions, meetings, and debates in a historic theatre, but will also be a

tremendous spot for hospitality and community gatherings.


It is a shame that this building has fallen upon disrepair in recent years. The much needed

renovation plans will bring the facility up to current code requirements and will expose this

gem of a building to historians.


We look forward to the Phenix rising again!



The Phenix Block

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